Sunday, February 24, 2013

Macro and micro impacts of training of teachers in technology

Recently I attended a meeting wherein a training programme for teachers on the use of technology in classroom was discussed. The teachers are provided training on various technology tools. They learn how to use collaborative tools and share resources. After training when they go back to their institutions, they are not able to make use of skills obtained during above mentioned training as the institution does not have adequate computers, Internet or other infrastructure. Even the products they created during the training sessions, can be demonstrated to the students or others for want of access to Internet.

What solution(s) can you offer for such a scenario?


  1. Even in Institutions where the required resources are there, people either use technology at basic level or not at all. Firstly, the trainer or facilitator should be habitual of using tools him/herself, then (S)He will be enjoying and also emphasis the use of technology tools for high impact teaching/training.

    1. Hello Ramesh Rawat ji:
      yes, you are correct, the trainers or facilitators can impart better training once they themselves use the tools and adopt and test the technology for a greater impact!
      Thank you for your input!