Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moodle MOOC - Week 2: Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier

(Image Credit: Aakanksha, Student of BFA-Animation)

Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier

The session today ( Saturday, June 08,  2013) will be presented by Dave Cormier showcasing how to create engaging activities on Moodle and beyond for meaningful lifelong learning. 

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Dave will talk about "One Moodle activity - an experiment in rhizomatic learning"

The talk will explore rhizomatic learning as a story for learning on the open web and then talk about one activity that tries to marry the advantages of Moodle with those of the more rhizomatic open web.

Read more about Dave through his Blog: 

Dave’s Educational Blog: Education, post-structuralism and the rise of the machines

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