Sunday, December 22, 2013

Open Content Licensing for Educators

Enrolled for the two week micro Course starting 5 February 2014 to learn about the the concepts of open educational resources, copyright and Creative Commons open licenses to achieve more sustainable education for all.

Anyone is free to participate in this course. 
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If you are an educator or a student who want to learn more about open educational resources, copyright, and creative commons licenses, this course will help you to:
  • Reflect on the practice of sharing knowledge in education and the permissions educators consider fair and reasonable;
  • Define what constitutes an open educational resource (OER);
  • Explain how international copyright functions in a digital world;
  • Distinguish the types of Creative Commons licenses and explain how they support open education approaches;
  • Acquire the prerequisite knowledge required by educators to legally remix open education materials and help institutions to take informed decisions about open content licenses;
  • Use social media technologies to support your learning;
  • Connect with educators around the world to share thoughts and experiences in relation to copyright, OER and Creative Commons.
Lead Facilitator

Dr Wayne Mackintosh will facilitate this course. He is the founding director of the OER Foundation and is the designated UNESCO - Commonwealth of Learning Chair in OER at Otago Polytechnic. He is coordinating the establishment of the OER university, an international innovation partnership which aims to provide free learning opportunities for all students worldwide with pathways for OER learners to achieve credible credentials.

Learning Activities
You will participate in an open international online course for 10 working days (2 weeks). You will need to allocate about 1.5 to 2 hours per day for the duration of open course.  The course is divided into five sessions inclusive of suggested learning activities:
  •     Why open matters in education
  •     Defining open educational resources
  •     Your educational rights to copy
  •     Refining your copyright using Creative Commons
  •     Choosing the right open license

Learners aiming for the Certificate of Achievement and/or credit towards the Open Education Course elective will need an additional 20 hours of self directed study to complete the assessments for this course.

So, come join and lets learn together!

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