Monday, April 11, 2011

Classroom of the Future & Classroom of 2011 Survey: Masie Centre

The MASIE Center and The Learning CONSORTIUM conducted a survey in March 2011 to examine the current state of the classroom and building a technology wish list for the "classroom of the future."

They received responses from 654 large organizations, detailing current and future uses of classrooms. These organizations included corporate entities (57%), educational institutions (21%), governmental agencies (15%) and non-profit groups (7%) in 46 countries, with the majority of respondents from North America. 

One of the findings:
Top technologies/capabilities desired for newer classrooms mainly include increasingly interactive options for learners and teachers. The list includes: interactive whiteboards, wireless access for learners, camera/microphone to record class, movable furniture, multiple displays, tablets for every learner, video conferencing via webinar and desktop, and audience response systems.

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