Thursday, April 7, 2011

Working on a document “simultaneously”

Tip by Joel A. Brondos and Miguel Guhlin (Mon, Apr 4, 2011) through  moodlemayhem@googlegroups

1) In your class, you may have been asking two or more students to work on one "document" simultaneously. These students need to be able to access, discuss, and edit the work. As a teacher you may also want your students to work on a text created by you, where they can add comments without actually changing the text.

2) The "document" needs to be "supervised" by the teacher.
3) The "document" needs to be seen by other students in the class, perhaps providing peer review.


A) Do the work in a shared Google Doc or MSWord (Live@Edu)?
B) Create a wiki entry with a topic for each of the student pairs. (Can wikis be graded/commented?)
C) Do a workshop activity?
D) Post the original item for discussion in a Forum?
E) Can a professor create a text page or web page which can be edited by the students?
F) Do something with the Assignments activity?

You can consider a solution like

Also check this one too:

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