Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear Friends,

Welcome to Technology4Teachers Blog.

The genesis of creating this blog lies in the Strategic Goal 1 of the University of Guyana Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012 which relates to ‘Improving the quality of teaching and learning’.

A corresponding expected outcome (envisaged by August 2010) is to:
Establish training programme for lecturers (instructional methods, assessment skills, research methodologies, new technologies, etc  (University of Guyana Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012, p.19)

Section M of the Strategic Plan elaborates upon the need for a ‘standing programme’ for lecturers and in particular notes
‘. . . . as the institution moves towards increased use of technology in teaching, instruction in the application of contemporary media to teaching becomes critical’     (University of Guyana Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012, p.35)

Use of ICT in teaching-learning much depends on personal teaching styles and motivation level of the teachers. Sustained interest is very important of its success. Since Internet is an inherent part of many such technologies now a days, teachers can use Web 2.0 tools in a variety of ways to enhance learning and keep the students engaged.

Through this blog we can share technology tips which can be used by teachers and students as well for improving the quality of teaching and learning in the University of Guyana (and elsewhere too!).

Keep reading and contributing...

With best wishes
Ramesh Sharma
Institute of Distance and Continuing Education


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  2. Not many of us economists (either as teachers or researchers) use experiments to teach. There are lots of internet resources to support this methodology. The one that I'll be using in class is remarkable:

    Of course it's one thing to post the link, but there's a lot of economics and 'experimental economics' in particular, behind the scenes. I'd be delighted to talk to others about using this resource.